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  • Kate.moon

    Hey Cowboys and Aliens!

    The highly anticipated western/sci-fi Cowboys and Aliens is slated to being tomorrow (July 29, 2011). To fully prepare you for this potentially apocalyptic event, MTV has a great interview with director Jon Favreau on his project. We've embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

    As a bonus clip, we also have a fun parody from G4TV. I'm sure you've all heard of Pokemon but did you know they played a large role in...Cowboys & Aliens? Check out the hilarious clip below!

    Are you excited for Cowboys and Aliens!?

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  • Kate.moon

    Hey Cowboys and Alien fans! If you were dying to meet Jon Favreau at Comic-Con but didn't get a chance to go, Cowboys and Aliens is LIVESTREAMING the event right now!

    Thanks to MTV News, we'll get to watch an interview with Jon Favreau discussing the movie. Don't miss the livestreaming right here right now!

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  • Bchwood

    The latest Cowboys & Aliens trailer just debuted during American Idol. The extended trailer features more action, a ripping soundtrack, more romantic intrigue between Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig and an overall lighter tone than the first trailer which you can see at Cowboys&Aliens. Check it out!


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